Detail of the Veiled Vestal Virgin by Raffaelle Monti purchased in 1848

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The Rumblr’s in-house astrologer, Madame Clairevoyant, presents her latest dispatch from the stars:
Aries: This week, you can see the whole world around you with new eyes; this week, everything can look different. There are things that you’ve known for too long to really see them, and there are people you’ve taken for granted, and there are dreams inside your own heart that you’ve been ignoring. Try to slow down for a minute. Try to let your feet guide you, try to believe your own eyes. You can look around, you can reevaluate the things you thought you knew, you can see your world clearly, you can let strange new love blossom in your heart.
 Taurus: This might be a week for being a little quiet, it might be a week for letting yourself get distracted, it might be a week just to sit and listen to the world move around you. This week can be full of unexpected moment, unexpected joy, things you could not have even dreamed up on your own. Try to listen to the birds in the morning, listen to the radio, listen to the traffic outside. Try to listen to the stories your friends tell you; try to take their advice.
 Gemini: Maybe you’ll feel a new burst of energy this week, and maybe you’ll feel a change, and maybe you’ll feel some wild need inside of you. It’s a week for just growing toward the sun, it’s a week for angling all your body and your thoughts toward the light. Think of yourself as a plant, as a tree, as something with all the green wisdom of the world in your own body. You don’t have to keep growing straight up into the sky. Growing strong and strange can be enough.
 Cancer: There are so many things you don’t know and so many futures you can’t see, and this might bother you this week, it might scare you, it might get under your skin. It’s going to be a week for uncertainty, and this is not a bad thing. It’s going to be a week for believing what you need to believe, even when there’s no proof, just a feeling in your stomach. It’s going to be a week to walk to the park, to look at the sky, to sit and live and wait and see.
 Leo: You might feel some fire start to burn in your blood again this week, you might start to feel some new energy taking hold of you, you might start to feel like you’re finally in motion again, like the world is new. You might feel moved to quit your job, to drive across the country, to change your name, and even if you can’t do these things, it’s okay to daydream all day long. There is motion in your dreams, there is motion in your words, there is so much world for you. There’s so much you can do.
 Virgo: This week might be full of a strange bright electricity. It might be a week for storms in the afternoon, thunder that wakes you up at night, lightning that rips branches off the trees on your street. It won’t be bad and it won’t even be scary, just a sign that there’s a charge in the air, that the weather is changing, that good strange days are coming. Stay inside as much as you have to. Drink a cup of tea and watch the rain on your windows and wait for a change
 Libra: This is a week for working to love the place where you are, it’s a week for working to love the place that’s your home, it’s a week for feeling your feet on the ground and the world moving all strange and sweet around you. It’s a week for taking long walks, it’s a week for talking to your neighbors, it’s a week for returning your library books. You can let the town you live in love you back, if you want. You can find a feeling of rootedness, if you want.
 Scorpio: This is a week for spending time with people you love, with people who make your eyes sparkle, with people who make you generous and kind. This is a week just for being with the people you love, even if it sounds too simple, even if it sounds like it could not be enough. You can let your thoughts slow down just a little, this week. You can let your muscles relax. You can spend your days with people who bring out the self that you like best, and for now that can be enough.
 Sagittarius: It’s going to be okay, this week, to let yourself be ruled by curiosity. It’s going to be okay just to wait and to see what’s going to happen next. If you really let curiosity bloom all bright and weird in your heart, it can open up whole universes, it can open new futures, it can let you see the world so strange. Try to let your curiosity make you brave. Let it make you generous. Let it help you to see with an honesty that could haunt your dreams.
 Capricorn: This week you might feel strange and you might feel scared and the world might seem too full of noise for one person to live in. Try to remember that you have everything you need. You have dreams that could fill up the whole sky, and you have days full of sunlight, days full of motion, days full of possibilities. You can walk away from every bad thing. You can build a house to live in, all warm and sweet. You can keep singing all through the night and all through the morning.
 Aquarius: The world might offer you so many choices this week, it might show you so many possibilities, it might dazzle you with all of the lives you could have. This is a gift, but it might not always seem that way. This is a gift, but not an easy one. You have to keep moving, this week. You have to rely on your own sense of balance. When there is no map, you have to rely on your own self. Listen to songs that make you feel brave enough. Listen to Nicki Minaj.
 Pisces: If you start to forget who you are this week, if you start to forget how to live, try to see yourself through other people. Try to see yourself through the friends who believe in you most. Try to see the ways you glow and shine in other people’s eyes. There are so many ways to live and so many ways to see; spend your days with people who help you remember this. You can rebuild your confidence. You can relearn how to love your own self. You can remember the magic in your bones and the light in your heart.
Today’s image was made specially for Madame Clairevoyant by Jen May.

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