For all the protesters out there:


If you aren’t aware, cops love to destroy the phones of people who record them. 

So next time you’re in a situation where you are recording an officer and fear for the safety of your video evidence, try using the Bambuser app.

It uploads your video online to your Bambuser account while you record it. You can also stream the video live. This way your videos are saved online, safe from the hands of the uniformed pigs. 


a sea of old white racists, their story can finally be told

Ughhh and this has been on the CNN main page for almost a full 24 hours .

Ukrainian Schoolgirls and Their Dreams of ‘Clueless’ 
My name is Kristina Podobed, I am a photographer from Odessa, Ukraine. My friends and I did a shoot about the Ukrainian school life. We will be very glad if you can use it in any way!
See the photos

National Moment of Silence 2014

On August 14, 2014, citizens across America will gather in solidarity to hold vigils and observe a moment of silence to honor victims of Police Brutality
Police Brutality in the United States continues to be a pervasive problem that affects communities across the country. In recent years, we have had news of too many people losing their lives as a result of police brutality. We have also heard too many stories of people being sexually and otherwise physically assaulted by police. We are gathering together to observe a National Moment of Silence to pay respect to the lives lost and/or forever changed by the brutality of the police state.Too many citizens have suffered. Their families and friends need our positive energy and support in this moment of anger, frustration, fear, and helplessness.

How the #NMOS14 Began: 

How social media helped facilitate a national moment of silence to honor victims of police brutality, show solidarity with their families, and allow communities to come together in a moment of mourning and support.


Annapolis, Maryland 
Atlanta, Georgia 
Baltimore, Maryland 
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 
Bloomington, Indiana 
Boston, Massachusetts 
Bremerton, Washington 
Brooklyn, New York 
Carson City, Nevada 
Charlotte, North Carolina 
Chicago, Illinois 
Columbia, South Carolina 
Columbus, Ohio 
Dallas, Texas 
Denver, Colorado 
Detroit, Michigan 
Durham, North Carolina 
Grand Rapids, Michigan 
Houston, Texas
Indianapolis, Indiana 
Kansas City, Missouri
Knoxville, Tennessee  
Lansing, Michigan 
Long Island, New York 
Los Angeles, California 
Lower Manhattan, New York 
Memphis, Tennessee 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
Minneapolis, Minnesota 
Nashville, Tennessee 
New Brunswick, New Jersey 
New Orleans, Louisiana 
Orlando, Florida
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 
Portland, Maine 
Providence, Rhode Island 
Rochester, New York 
Salt Lake City, Utah 
San Antonio, Texas 
San Francisco, California 
Seattle, Washington 
St. Louis, Missouri 
Tampa, Florida 
Valdosta, Georgia
Vancouver, Canada 
Washington, D.C.
West Palm Beach, Florida 
Woodbridge, Virginia 
Wyckoff, New Jersey 

 More cities are being added, check here for updates and info on starting a vigil in your city. 

Portland, Oregon too. 


blatant racism + institutionalized racism + the concept of masculinity = united states police force

They just fired on the crowd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! peaceful protesters



watch this link please now!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do not just like this, reblog it and watch it, they need witnesses, the police need to know they are being watched and that black lives fucking matter